Assignment Task Two: 
For assignment two my group chose physical  education for our teaching area. our group consisted of Sherwin Derilo(I the writer and owner of this Website) ,Stacey Talbot, Inti mason Tricia Cheah. Our assignment consists of finding a resource about our teaching area and referencing it . We also need to write a brief report about the resource.The tool that i will be using to reference this resource is Endnote.  My resource type is websites/blogs/wiki pages.the website that i will be using for my resource and refference is sport: I will also be doing a screen capture cast video about how to use Endnote to refference websites. Here is the reference for my website. 

Development, I. P. o. S. (2013). "The platform." Retrieved April, 013, from

 Group Resource Fields : Sports Education 

Sherwin Derilo :  Webpages/Wikis/blogs

Stacey Talbot:  Videos/Documentary

Inti Mason : Journal articles 

Cheah Weng Yan :Books 

 Below is my Report on a website i used for referencing and my Teaching Area:

Website report The Platform.docx Website report The Platform.docx
Size : 18.392 Kb
Type : docx


Facebook sign up instructions:
I have created a Facebook quick guide to signing up. I've also created a basic description and things you can do on your facebook homepage.

Facebook sign up instructions1.pdf Facebook sign up instructions1.pdf
Size : 226.406 Kb
Type : pdf
Facebook homepage what you can do.pdf Facebook homepage what you can do.pdf
Size : 218.472 Kb
Type : pdf

The event :  Low down poetry 

Link to event :

The event that I'am creating  is an open poetry session called low down poetry. It is an event that allows people to read poetry or enjoy live readings from volunteering poets. It is a safe place free of judgment and open to all types of forms of poetry and expression though i would like to warn people to keep it in the tasteful zone. I chose Facebook as the social-media outlet for this event because of the amount of people i know and the fact that it is really easy to setup and advertise an event. Events on Facebook depending on the event can spread really easily by word of mouth because everybody is connected to everbody.

What i need people to do is add themselves to my event and then invite people to it. You also need a Facebook profile for this to be done.  In short my event is based on word of mouth a powerful tool used through history. My event is open to the public. 

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