Good afternoon people and welcome to my Noobish website. Noobish in terms of that I' am very new in this whole process of creating a website and until i get a grip of  few things this will be very bland but until then I will fill certain requirements as my assignments dictate. 

Introduction to my site 

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Sherwin and I'm  a university student studying At Murdch in Western Australia  . This website was designed for a unit called "living and leanrning with technology" . As i do assignment things will be added to my site.  I'll be doing research on some social networks and even explain a few things  for my assignments .  

Kanye West - All of the Lights (Childish Gambino Remix).mp3

 I also have a twitter Account where my blogs are at.

And Tumbler account :

my Tumblers is used more for larger blogs on certain subjects where as the twitters account is used more for smaller mirco-blogs . 


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